Iron man, why are you willing to work a shift?

In sorching summer, eating watermelon, blowing air conditioning is undoubtedly a great enjoyment. Even though the sun was scorching and the night was drenched with sweat, there was a group of people still working in silence, calm and calm, as if indifferent to the scorching heat. This is our respectable shift worker.

The hardships of shift steelworkers

The two chairs are the bed

A few days ago, I happened to see a few steel workers on shift drying their "bed" at night.

Day and night, no weekends

Shift workers are a group engaged in shift work system relative to the workers in changbai class. They work day and night, have no weekends, and have no rest during festivals. Although shift workers in other industries can't have holidays at ordinary times, they can always go home to reunite with their families and friends.

For shift workers engaged in steel production, the high continuity of steel production makes it necessary to go to work during the Spring Festival. From a student to a shift worker, more than a year of shift life makes me deeply feel the hardship of shift life and the hardship and greatness of shift workers. I think shift workers are just as respectable as the soldiers defending the frontiers of our country. Not to crown myself, but to say that shift workers deserve respect and love.

As far as steel production is concerned, shift workers are always at the forefront of production, doing the hardest work. Deep in noise and poisonous air at times; Eat a lukewarm meal; Earning the minimum wage; The safety of life is always in the knowable and unknown knowable and uncertain under the various security hidden dangers; From time to time in the day-to-day shift business also have to face a variety of contradictions; Take on more responsibilities and risks than your colleagues.

Shift workers for the enterprise to pay their own sweat, dedication of their youth, contribute their wisdom and strength, and even overdraft their own health. They are not only the actual creators of enterprise value, but also the creators of social wealth.

It may be said that this praise of shift workers is exaggerated. Yes, the people on the regular shift are also contributing wisdom and strength to the development of the enterprise. But think carefully, the person that goes up changbai shift is engaged in the first line of production work rarely, their working environment is relatively much more comfortable, also won't have poisonous medium.

They can have a rest on weekends and festivals, travel and have parties with classmates and friends according to the schedule. What about shift workers? Although they also have a general holiday, also have home leave, but this also should be in the production of manpower can be arranged under the premise of the appropriate to enjoy. To get together with their classmates and friends, they also have to calculate in advance whether they can get off the night shift just in time for the weekend or if both of them can get off at the same time.

Although during festivals, the shift workers on duty can enjoy the subsidy of three times the salary according to law, but how can they make up for the loss of family affection and friendship caused by their inability to reunite with their relatives and friends when their wage base is very low? In addition, shift workers who are not on duty on the day of the holiday are not entitled to a triple wage subsidy, and they are still unable to go home. Will they suffer more?

Confessions of shift workers

Steel man: reiiv

It is quite hard from a personal point of view, and there is irritability and loss of appetite, hair loss. Steel plant four classes three down of the hard language.

Iron man: lonely traveler

When I was on shift, I worked from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., then two weeks later, I worked from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., with two days off a month.

Afterwards, I could not sleep quietly, and would wake up after a little movement. Moreover, I had a biological alarm clock. If I wanted to sleep, I would fall asleep within half an hour. A complete sleep break can be divided into four parts. Just a tired one.

Steel man: show little fan

We work 40 days and take 20 days off, just two shifts, half 12 hours, 20 black and white shifts... The night shift is a crazy time in the United States, and the night shift is significantly worse than the normal sleep shift, can sleep up to six hours is a good thing

Iron man: xiao xiao bao

It used to be a two-month shift. Every time I go to the night shift, I want to die. Go to bed after work every day, and sleep until eleven o 'clock at night to eat and go to work. The body never wakes up. Night shift is easy to arrhythmia.

Man of steel: gmngmn8

The rest was completely disturbed by this shift work; There is no way for normal social activities; The body is broken; I don't have a girlfriend yet because the steel plant is almost male.

Iron man: wang wenyong

You already know that shift workers have to learn to live with the loneliness of not being able to have a wife and children in the middle of the night, maintain high vigilance, insist on safety and never relax, and master the "one, two, three work safety laws", "six in place", "six implementation" and so on.

Iron man: anonymous

Whenever in the middle of the night from the warm bed to go to work, against the cold wind, step into the post, tired eyes staring at the alone operation, but can not communicate with the machine equipment, is really feel the shift people's bitterness!

Iron man: ant

I remember once at 2 a.m. emergency stop, restore has been more tired, then closed the 100 valve, the weather was so hot, the whole body wet, even underwear doing half of the time, really can't think dry, cry while dry, my life also not forget that day, remember to 8 o 'clock in the morning, back to the dormitory, feel skeleton are dispersed, direct to sleep until 6 PM, but such a few days.

I'm so depressed that...

Many of us who work on shift have this feeling: due to the frequent late shift and night shift work, life and sleep patterns are disrupted, so many shift workers can't sleep at night and sleep hard during the day. Cause severe sleep disorders.

Most of them have to take care of their families and children, and even after the night shift, they often can't get a break! After a night shift, even if you sleep all day, sometimes it's hard to fully recover.

The occurrence that brings about this kind of circumstance, basically be the change of internal clock of night shift personnel (day and night cycle), often cannot sleep, eat not well, whole body is weak, spirit is depressed. During the day, when the light is strong and the outside world is noisy, it is easy to interfere with sleep (lack of deep sleep), so even if you sleep all day, it is difficult to catch up during the day.

In the physical examination of 287 employees organized by the company, most of them were found to have all kinds of chronic diseases, mild or severe. Just to name a few: 145 of the 287 patients had kidney stones, and 85 had two-kidney crystal deposits (in the early stage of kidney stones), more than 80% of the total physical examination staff, most of whom were on or had been on long-term shift. Kidney stones have been linked to staying up late at night for a long time, according to the latest medical evidence. Many front-line workers often see a doctor with a variety of chronic diseases to do battle, thirty years old cancer is not without!

The international agency for research on cancer (iarc), based in Lyon, France, has listed overnight night shifts as a "possible carcinogenic factor," the Associated Press reported. The American cancer society says it may also follow the lead of the international agency for research on cancer. So far, the American cancer society has used terms like "uncertain," "controversial," and "unproven" to describe the link between night shifts and cancer.

Our steel industry shift workers every day in the high temperature and pressure flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful high tension environment hard work! With a meager salary -- most of the ordinary high-skilled workers who work shifts on the first line earn about 4,100 yuan per month on average, while some non-high-skilled workers earn less than 4,000 yuan per month. After deducting all kinds of insurance and so on, the actual disposable less! .

When we rub sleepy eyes, drag tired body to stay up to work, we can not hate, because we are the most basic screw is the core of the enterprise, the enterprise is our home, we have to love him!

Learn to love yourself

Night shift self-care

Night shift due to the reversal of jet lag disrupted the human body clock, can make the body's normal rhythm disorder, to the eyesight, stomach and sleep are affected, easy to bring fatigue, concentration and other phenomena. By adjusting the diet can compensate for the body clock disorder to some extent.

Small make up for you to provide several often on the night shift maintenance method

1, during the night shift to ensure adequate water intake, chrysanthemum medlar tea has the effect of warming the fire, you can often drink.
2, during the night shift to eat two vitamin C, often in a state of fatigue, more free radicals generated in the body, vitamin C has a good effect on scavenging free radicals.
3, eat more agaric, drink more honey water, for the elimination of metabolic waste cells, the removal of internal garbage has a good effect.
4. Get enough sleep during the day.
5, in daily life to ensure adequate nutrition intake, eat more fish, chicken, lean meat and soy products, high quality protein intake for the maintenance of the normal immune system is extremely important.

Hats off to shift workers

Shift workers work at the bottom of the enterprise and live at the bottom of the society. However, they constantly create practical value for enterprises and the society. They are one of the greatest labor groups and deserve to be respected and cared for. The development history of the world enterprise proves that any famous enterprise that becomes bigger and stronger and maintains competitiveness forever attaches great importance to the care for the grass-roots employees in its enterprise culture and management philosophy.

Two canvas sewn bags under the eyes

Can not hold the beautiful autumn water

Disrupt the body clock

Keep the machine running normally

Shift workers

Not good at expressing their own joys and sorrows

Saluting the shift workers,

It is respect for a glorious labourer;

Is the affirmation of labor achievement;

It is the treasure of what we have;

It is the encouragement and praise of hard work and dedication.

Saluting the shift workers,

It shows an enterprise's attitude of caring for grass-roots employees.

Saluting the shift workers,

It is the basic requirement for an enterprise to rise and become famous.

Saluting the shift workers,

It reflects the humanized quality of an enterprise's leadership.

Saluting the shift workers,

Is to increase the affinity of the enterprise,

Enhance employee loyalty and promote the need for harmony.

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