The steel association held a video conference on the operation of some steel enterprises

On April 27, China iron and steel association (cisa) held another video conference on the operation of some steel enterprises after a interval of two months to learn about the production and operation of steel enterprises in the first quarter, analyze the impact of the epidemic, discuss the market trend in the later period, unify the understanding and strengthen confidence, and coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the healthy operation of the industry.

He wenbo, secretary of the CPC committee, executive chairman of cisa and leader of the leading group on epidemic response, presided over the meeting. Qu xiulii, vice chairman of cisa, member of the epidemic response leading group and leader of the stable operation working group, luo tiejun, vice chairman of cisa, member of the epidemic response leading group and leader of the stable market working group, heads of relevant business departments and leaders of 36 key member enterprises attended the meeting.

At the meeting, qu xiuli introduced the operation of the steel industry in the first quarter from the aspects of price, benefit and import and export. Luo tiejun responded to the common concern of enterprises about the import of steel and raw fuel. Leaders of 13 iron and steel enterprises, including ansteel, shougang, shagang, hualing, shan steel, he steel, tisco, China baowu, citic Pacific special steel, nangang, fujian sangang, liugang and jiugang, introduced the production and operation situation in the first quarter and the main problems they faced, and put forward countermeasures and Suggestions.

Wen-bo he said that in the first quarter, in the face of extremely complicated international and domestic economic environment, the steel industry firmly implement the party central committee's decision deployment, not afraid of difficulties, meet the challenge, actively response to the epidemic prevention and control as a whole and the industry economy development, the industry remain basically stable operation, in the national economy and industrial economy steady development has played a "YaCangShi" role, for the country to return to work and production and made contributions to economic and social stability. This is not easy in the context of the severe impact of the covid-19 outbreak on the world economy. However, from the first quarter of the operating performance, the steel industry is also facing many major problems and challenges. We should keep a clear understanding of this.

He wenbo said in the meeting summary, from the participation of the enterprises reflected the situation, the degree of consensus is relatively high, generally believe that the steel demand is large decline, highly concerned about the capital situation, strongly call for the strengthening of the raw material security, strongly call for strengthening of self-discipline, baotuan huohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohuohu.

He wenbo pointed out that the next, the situation facing the steel industry is not optimistic, improve the operation of the quality of the task is difficult. We need to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with the healthy development of the industry and unswervingly follow a path of high-quality development. In the medium and long term, first, we must guard against the imbalance between supply and demand and maintain market stability. Second, we will guard against the risks of overcapacity and consolidate our achievements in cutting overcapacity. Third, to promote mergers and reorganizations to improve the ability to cope with the crisis; Fourth, increase investment in scientific and technological innovation to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry; Fifth, seize the opportunity of new infrastructure construction and continue to promote intelligent manufacturing. Sixth, we accelerated green development. "In terms of production and operation, we need to jointly plan and promote the following work. First, we need to effectively control the release of production capacity and promote a balance between market supply and demand. Second, strengthen monitoring and coordination of operations to create conditions for stable operations; The third is to carry out in-depth benchmarking activities, increase efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiency; Fourth, improve the efficiency of capital use and stabilize the debt level of the industry; Fifth, we will closely follow the implementation of national policies and work to reduce the burden on enterprises." He said.

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