How to control the pollution during processing

At present domestic nc cutting machine, adopts thermal cutting processing method of flame cutting and plasma cutting, in principle, two types of cutting way is using high temperature fuse material cutting effect, will inevitably in the process of machining because of the change in temperature leads to a large number of metal powder, hot cutting processing could lead to a form of pollution is mainly composed of dust pollution. For enterprises, understanding the possible pollution in the use of CNC cutting machine is only the first step, how to prevent is the key, the following is wuhan baisjie CNC technology co., ltd. based on many years of CNC cutting machine research and development, production and sales service experience summarized several prevention Suggestions:

1, the prevention of CNC cutting workshop pollution 3 ways are the source of pollution control, transmission of governance, personal protection.

2. The types and quantities of pollution generated in the process of nc cutting depend on the production process, production equipment and the technical ability of the operators.

3. There are great differences in the types and quantities of pollutants produced by different CNC cutting processes. When the condition permits, the mature hidden arc welding should be selected to replace the open arc welding, which can greatly reduce the pollution degree of pollutants.

4. On the premise of determining the production process, the equipment with high degree of mechanization and automation should be selected. Low dust and low toxicity electrode should be used to reduce the smoke concentration and toxicity. In the purchase of new equipment, should pay attention to the environmental performance of the equipment, more choose equipped with purification parts of the integrated equipment.

5, high level of CNC cutting workers in the CNC cutting process can be skilled, flexible implementation of the operation rules, such as constantly observe the electrode drying degree, electrode tilt Angle, electrode length and welding position, and make the corresponding technical adjustment. Compared with unskilled workers, the amount of dust is reduced by more than 20%, the speed of CNC cutting is 10% faster, and the quality of CNC cutting is good.


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