Customize the way of oil cylinder protective cover

Oil cylinder shield is a new type of cylindrical mechanical parts for high frequency heat bonding and sewing production methods. There are three ways to customize this shield:

1. Hot bonding

At a certain temperature, with the help of a special flux to make the inner PVC frame and the outer hinge firmly bonded together. This type of shield is generally used at moderate temperatures.

2. Sewing method

The PVC frame is fixed on each fold by sewing special thread, and the stable protective cover is strengthened. There are many materials for you to choose from in different environments. Rugged and durable even under extreme load. Used in high temperature working environment.

3. High-frequency thermal bonding

Through the high-frequency welding machine to its external folding cloth and PVC skeleton high-frequency welding, high efficiency, speed, no need to add any auxiliary adhesive, waterproof, dustproof, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance.

The protective cover of the oil cylinder prevents dust, chips and hard materials from entering the guide rail to reduce the damage to the sliding rail surface, that is, to reduce the influence on the processing accuracy of the equipment due to improper guide rail operation. So as to improve the working efficiency of the equipment.

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